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Standard Density

RF Immunity Ltd D-Sub Filtered series feature high performance and optimal filtering solutions.

The series family includes RFI as well as Multi–Filtering connectors (multi-filtering connectors combine RFI filters, transient protection, ESD and/or EMP filters, etc.). All these are integrated into shells and dimensions similar to those of the standard non-filtering D-Sub connectors.

An innovative EMC platform approach enables RF-Immunity Ltd. to implement Customized Mass Production Technology (CMPT).

CMPT provides the customers with the advantages of flexibility allowing them to use either “of the shelf” products or customized solutions.

These products enable systems to meet and exceed the requirements of the FCC P-15, IEC 1000, EN55022, ENG1000 Standards .

The filtered connectors are designed for integration in military, aerospace, industrial, computer, telecom and medical applications.

D-Sub series are available in 9, 15, 25, 37 and 50 insert arrangements.

Description of the mechanical mounting accessories is included in this catalog.

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