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MIL-C- 26482 series II

RF Immunity Ltd MIL-C-26482 Series II connectors feature rear-release contacts. The advantage of this feature lies in the capacity to insert and remove contacts from the rear end of the connector preventing the front end of the connector from being damaged, which can result in destruction of the sealing.

These connectors are offered with 20, 16, 12 size contacts, and shell sizes of 8 through 24.
Square flange, jam nut single-hole mount receptacles are available.

The connectors are available with black anodized aluminum shells, electroless nickel and cadmium plated olive drab.

Passivated stainless steel shells are also available.

They can mate with non-filtered connectors and they are drop-in replacements for non-filtered connectors.

Non-standard filter connector body sizes and shapes and insert arrangements are available.
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