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 Hermetically Sealed Connectors


The connectors offered by RF Immunity are environmentally sealed and withstand harsh environmental conditions including exposure to water, dust and moisture. Our standard environmentally sealed connectors reach levels of < 10–3 cm3 / Sec at ∆ P = 1 Atm.

Moreover, RF Immunity has developed a special connector sealing process, which can reach sealing levels of < 10–5 cm3 / Sec at ∆ P = 1 Atm. . These connectors can successfully withstand high–pressure levels with extremely low leakage. The sealed connectors can either be supplied as a non–filtered connector form or as a filtered connector.

RF Immunity supplies the environmental durability and hermetic sealing technology integrated into a broad variety of connector types including MIL–C–38999, MIL–C–26482, MIL––DTL–24308 and more.

The environmentally resistant and hermetically sealed connectors can be combined with EMI connectors or provided as stand–alone solution. We can design special connector forms and mounting types upon customer request.

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