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RF Immunity Ltd ARINC 404 filtered connectors are one piece shell miniature rack and panel connectors.
They are available in one, two, three and four gang versions with ARINC 404 standard shells.
The shells are keystone shaped for polarization. The use of 3 hexagonal polarization posts provides up to 99 unique polarization positions.

The plug and receptacle connectors can include RFI fingers for better conductivity. Receptacle gangs are available.
The series uses contact sizes of #4, #8, #12, #16, #20, #22, and Coax sizes (#5, #9, #11) Per MIL-C-81659.
The ARINC 404 connectors are used mainly for Avionic applications.
Filters and protection components are built in as fixed and/or replaceable modules.
A diversity of filters and protection types as well as power line filters can be applied to meet RTCA specification.

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