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Powerline and Screened Room Filters

Elite EMC's range of high performance screened room filters have been specifically designed for use on  shielded room applications. Available in single, three phase, four line and DC formats with current ranges from 6A to 400A.

To enhance the range options allow for low earth leakage, transient protection and EMP protection to be accommodated within the design of your specified filter package.

Our filters are designed using the high performance current compensating inductors or coupled chokes, allowing full insertion loss performance without  causing saturation of the inductor and a tail off in performance. Used in conjunction with self healing capacitors throughout our filters provide a quality high performance filtering solution to your screened room requirements. 

Single, 3 line and 4 line.
6Amps - 400Amps.
AC and DC variants.
Transient, lightning and EMP options.
Low Earth Leakage options.
Standard and High performants options.
Standard - 100kHz—1 GHz 80dB (typical).
High - 100kHz—1 GHz 110dB (typical).


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