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BM - Military EMI/RFI Filtered Solutions
More so that ever todays military systems are subject to possible electromagnetic interference and attach. As a leading supplier of EMC Solutions, Elite EMC specialise in helping engineers solve these problems.
Elite EMC offers a range of military EMI/RFI Filters designed to help meet the rigorous requirements of Def Stan 59-411 and Mil STD 461.
Elite EMC prides itself in understanding the requirements for military systems. We look at not only the specific requirements of the product from an EMC point of view but also from the end user.
Our personnel have been involved in projects ranging from the project management of EMC to the design and manufacture EMI/RFI Solutions. Our test and design engineers are Military EMC specialist and have been active in this area incorporating  Def Std 59-411 (and 59-41) and Mil STD 461,  Def Std 58-06 and Def Std 61-05 for some 20 years including many of the standards developments and their implementation.
Members of our team have been responsible for the writing of EMC control and test plans for EMC, test supervision and fault rectification on numerous projects for military based projects and systems. This has involved working with UK military test houses for EMC testing.
The requirement for systems to be quite not only in the audible ranges but specifically in the RF communications bands has been paramount over the last decade although often neglected in design and manufacture. Our engineers have tested systems and components to various standards and have developed an in depth understanding of the requirements in order to design and integrate EMC Solutions into existing and new platforms.  

BM-FCA Series
Feedthrogh Capacitor Assemblies 

BM-MFC Series
Military Filtered Connectors 

BM-MIT Series
Military IT
EMI/RFI Filtering 

BM Custom Series
Custom & Bespoke EMI/RFI Filtering 

BM-CM Series
EMI/RFI Filtering 

BM-VS Series
Vehicle & Shelter
EMI/RFI Filtering 

BM-M-HVAC Series
Vehicle HVAC
EMI/RFI Filtering 

Military EMC Project Management