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BM - FCA Series Military DC Filter Assemblies

The BM-FCA Filter series has been designed to help military vehicle and land based systems to be protected from the hazard of electromagnetic interference. It's physical compactness and in-line installation allows ease of  application and installation including retro fitting. The BM-FCA filter series are available in 2,3 and 4 line formats with high performance characteristics allowing for Def Stan 59-411 and Mil STD 461 compliance on military systems and platforms. Surge protection can also incorporated in to the circuit to assist with transient susceptibility. The filter is encapsulated within its stainless steel housing enabling it to meet rigorous shock, vibration and environmental standards. The filter is rated at 100A and is available in performance ranges from 2µF to 40µF formats, making it a very compact multi-application unit providing the ultimate high performance solution. 

Current Rating 100A dc
Voltages 30vdc - 400vdc
Capacitance 2µF - 40µF
See datasheet for full specification

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The Custom BM-FCA series is a range of high performance DC feed-through capacitor assemblies specifically designed for use on military applications.


Availabe in single or multi-line/current configeration.
Capacitance range:         1 - 40µF
Tolerance:                     ±20% (other tolerances available on request)
Currents (Amps):            1A - 225A
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