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 BM - CM Series - COTS and MOTS EMC Solutions 

Armed forces around the world are today more than ever reliant on commercial-off- the-shelf (COTS) and Military-off-the-shelf (MOTS) equipment for there every day operational needs and requirements.  Whilst this equipment is readily accessible and at a commercially available cost, very rarely do they meet with the rigorous EMC requirements of Def Stan 59-411 and Mil STD 461.
Elite EMC have developed a range of EMC Solutions for solving these inherent problems with COTS and MOTS equipment, offering a tailored and cost effective solution.
Working closely with suppliers and manufacturers of COTS and MOTS equipment, we have built up a comprehensive understanding of the inherent problems associated with commercial products, and their integration into military systems.
COTS and MOTS – Vehicle Solutions
Armed services around the world are becoming more and more reliant on converted commercial vehicles to carry out military rolls. Coupled with the fact that these vehicles are then fitted out with complex communications and weapon systems makes compliance with Def Stan 59-411 and Mil STD 461 a critical part of the integration program.
Some solutions relate to standard vehicle equipment such as air conditioning equipment, blower motors, Indicators, wiper motors, washer motors, oil cooler fans, alternators, engine management systems thus enabling vehicles to comply with FFR (fitted for radio) requirements etc...
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