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EMC Solutions you can rely on 
Welcome to Elite EMC
EMC Solutions you can rely on
In today's modern world of complex engineering and electronic systems, EMC has never been so important. Here at Elite EMC experience and knowledge are at the forefront of the service that we provide.
Elite EMC Ltd is a leading supplier of EMI/RFI filters, filtered connectors, ferrites and RF shielding in the UK. Supplying some of the major OEM and defence contractors with both standard and custom filters and components. Staff with over 20 years' experience in providing EMC solutions enables us to supply product and solutions to your exacting requirements.
Elite EMC offer a comprehensive range of EMI and RFI solutions from some of the world's leading manufacturers.

Elite EMC Ltd.

Independent specialist EMC filter manufacturers.  Def Stan 59-411 and MIL STD 461 specialists. COTS, MOTS, off the shelf Commercial, Industrial and custom bespoke filter design and manufacture. 
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Commercial and Industrial EMI/RFI Solutions
IEC Inlet Filters 
IEC Inlet 1 - 15A
IEC Fused Inlet 1 - 10A
IEC Switched & Fused Inlet 1 - 10A 
Single Phase EMI/RFI Filtering
Single Phase Chassis Mount 1 - 20A
Single Phase Industrial 10 - 60A
Three Phase EMI/RFI Filtering 
Three Phase Industrial High Performance
10 - 150A
Inverter EMI/RFI Filtering 
High Performance Inverter Filters
7A - 900A
Filtered Connectors 
D-Sub, Transient Voltage Suppression, Lightning Protection, Feed Through & Filter Array, Hermetically Sealed, Custom.
Powerline & Screened Room Filtering 
Single, 3 Line and 4Line
6A - 400A
EMP & Lightning Protection
Round Ferrite, Flat Cable Ferrites, Split Ferrites, Ferrite Clamps.
EMC Project Management 
EMC Consultancy, Evaluation, Testing, Test Plans.
Military EMI/RFI Solutions
BM Series - Def Stan 59-411 and Mil Std 461
Feedthrough Capacitor Assemblies 
Multi-Line DC feedthrough Assemblies
1A - 150A
COTS and MOTS EMI/RFI Filtering 

Off the shelf COTS & MOTS EMI/RFI Filtering

Military Filtered Connectors
ARINC 404/DPX, ARINC 600, MIL-C-83733/DPX, MIL-C-26482, MIL-C-38999  MIL-C-55116. MIL-C-5015 MIL-LAN, MIL-LAN, MIL-RJ45, Custom.
Vehicle & Shelter EMI/RFI Filtering
High performance vehicle and shelter filtering.
Military IT EMI/RFI Filtering 
Military IT filtering, suitable for land and sea platforms.
Vehicle HVAC
EMI/RFI Filtering
Air conditioning blower and condenser fan, Cab heater fan/blower EMI/RFI filtering.
Custom EMI/RFI Filtering 
Custom bespoke filtering for Land, Air and Sea applications.
1A - 150A
Military EMC Project Management
EMC Consultancy, Evaluation, Testing, Test Plans. Def Stan 59-411 & Mil Std 461.

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